New app gets showjumpers in stride


jumping-appA new app for showjumpers aims to help riders work out pole and bounce stridings based on their shoe size and includes an integrated feature to draw and save jump exercises and courses.

The My Pole Strides app has been created by Equinox-Apps is a UK-based development company that specialises in apps for equestrian users.

The developers say the app will be useful for riders wanting to remember a good exercise set out by an instructor. “You might even go to the trouble of finding pen and paper to note them down (not always practical in damp weather!).

“This new app lets you draw out different courses and jumping exercises, with uprights and spreads, each automatically numbered and save it for later use on your iPhone or iPad.  In the arena or field, choose your exercise from those you’ve saved and it’s there to hand for you to set up!”

Enter your shoe size and the app will also calculate how many steps you need between your bounces, canter and trot poles for both horses and ponies.  Once set, the shoe size is saved so you need to enter it only once.

The app works for a range of international shoe sizes, including UK, European, American and Canadian.

It sells for £1.49/$1.99.


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• The FEI has launched its first application for iPad and iPad mini devices – FEI TV on the Go – as an extension to FEI TV, its official video service.

The free app, available here, has been developed to allow FEI TV subscribers to enjoy live coverage of the world’s most prestigious equestrian competitions, events and Championships away from their computers.

In addition to live coverage, FEI TV on the Go gives users access to selections of video-on-demand content from FEI TV, including pre- and post-competition reports, interviews with top riders and equestrian lifestyle magazine programming.

Features of the app also include an FEI news feed with event previews, competition reports, latest rider rankings and other official FEI updates and FEI press releases.

In addition, FEI TV on the Go comes integrated with the FEI’s Facebook and Twitter feed so that users can interact with the FEI and the international equestrian community on digital social media networks while using the app.

FEI TV on the Go apps for iPhone and Android platforms are currently in development and will be launched in 2013.

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