Aust showjumpers to take on NZ’s best

Maurice Beatson and Apollo van Evendael.
Kiwi showjumper Maurice Beatson, riding Apollo van Evendael.

Two teams of Australian showjumpers will take on New Zealand’s best in a test match at the Church Road Winery in Hawke’s Bay next year.

Australia is sending the two teams – senior and young rider – to battle it out on March 10, the Sunday before the New Zealand Horse of the Year Show in Hastings. The event  will include the first of a two test series between the staunch rivals, with the second being at the show the week after.

Four person teams from each country will be chasing the $8,000 prize purse in a Nations’ Cup type format – which means two full rounds of jumping, followed by a jump-off if needed.

The Australians will be bringing their own horses to New Zealand for the test series, with the young rider Trans-Tasman test the build-up to the big one.

Also on the card for the event will be another team’s event, put together by the nation’s top riders. Each team will comprise two senior riders (who will jump up to 1.4m), two young riders (who will jump up to 1.3m) and two pony riders (who will jump up to 1.2m).

Church Road Winery is one of the oldest wineries in Hawke’s Bay, founded in 1897, with a proud history dating back over one hundred and fifteen years. Church Road Winery is steeped in heritage and is undeniably enjoyable.



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