Advocacy group calls for end to roundups

Wild horses running free.
Wild horses running free. © Cynthia Smalley

The advocacy group Protect Mustangs is calling for an end to roundups of wild horses, on the eighth anniversary of the first National Day of the Horse.

The California-based conservation group is circulating a petition to Congress in a bid to de-fund and stop the roundups.

“Enough is enough!” the group’s executive director, Anne Novak, says.

“If they weren’t rounded up at the hands of the BLM then those wild horses at Owyhee and other ranges surely would not be dead now. We want the roundups to stop, the warehousing to stop, the fiscal irresponsibility to stop, the bad science to stop and we are asking for an accurate independent census of how many wild horses are left on the range.”

Today, nearly 50,000 wild horses are held in government short or long-term holding facilities, with only an estimated 20,000 remaining in the wild.

In the 1900s, two million wild horses roamed in America. Afterwards the wild horse population dropped mostly due to hunting for their meat.

Novak continues: “Today, with the public land grab for water rights, energy development and mining projects, the wild horse is facing a huge monster called greed.

“It’s not sustainable to wipe them out. Native wild horses can reverse desertification, offset carbon emissions and heal the land. We need our wild horses to help stop global warming.”

In 2004, Congress recognized the first official National Day of the Horse.

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