Kiwi thoroughbred Shaun shows off his moves


Kiwi thoroughbred Shaun can show he’s got all the moves.

He put on a show for owner Deb Johnson on her Kansas property, which she managed to catch on video.

Shaun leads his pasture-mates on a gallop through their field.
Shaun leads his pasture-mates on a gallop through their field.

Shaun, who born in New Zealand in 1999 and successfully raced under the name Cusack, was exported to the United States, where his later racing career was unremarkable.

He ended up in kill pens in Washington state in May last year. Thanks to the generosity of Horsetalk readers, he was bought and shipped halfway across the US to the home of Deb.

Deb has helped restore Shaun to his former glory, but ongoing problems with an old back injury have severely curtailed her riding.

She now wants Shaun to go to a home where he can fulfill his potential off the track.

“I don’t see any limits to what he might do, but it would take getting to know him under saddle to see what he would be best suited for,” Deb says.

Deb says she is normally terrible about remembering to take her camera, but one recent evening managed to tuck it into her pocket.

“We do a sunset pasture walk most nights, with a nice gallop to the other end of the pasture,” she explains.

“Shaun was ready to head over to where he could socialize with the Morgan horses [next door].

“He’s quite attached to the yearling stud colt. The mares, not so much.

“He let the mares know, ‘I’m leaving’, did a little snakey necking, driving and headed out.

“He has become a very confident boy, and a lovely mover. I thought everyone would enjoy watching him!”

You can read more on Deb’s rehoming plans for Shaun here.


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