Psy’s horse-dance video sets YouTube record


South Korean rapper Psy’s unique horse-dance video is now the most viewed ever on YouTube, knocking Justin Bieber from top spot.

Psy's dance has taken the world by storm.
Psy’s dance has taken the world by storm.

Psy’s dance moves in the video for the song, “Gangnam Style”, have taken the world by storm, with even UN secretary-general Ban Ki Moon tempted to try the moves during a visit by Psy.

Psy’s official video, which was posted in July, had chalked up 806,283,968 views at the time of writing, pushing Bieber’s music video “Baby”, which has been on YouTube for two years, into second spot, with more than 803 million views.

Psy, 34, whose real name is Park Jae Sang, has been touring the globe on the back of his Gangnam Style success.

Gangnam Style last month became the first Korean song to top Britain’s official pop chart.

Psy’s horse-dance moves have spawned hundreds of parodies.

YouTube noted in its trending blog: “It’s been a massive hit at a global level unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.”

Gangnam Style, the title of both the song and the album, is named after the affluent Gangnam District in Seoul.

Psy revealed earlier this month it took him 30 nights to perfect the dance.

He tried and rejected elephant, monkey and kangaroo moves. Even slithering snake manoeuvres got a try-out.

He finally decided that his horse moves were the answer, he said in an address to the Oxford Union debating society.

Online music magazine NME reported Psy as saying: “I tried every creature: elephant, monkey, kangaroo, snake. The kangaroo hopping was too slow, so we ended up imitating a horse.”

Psy explained he invented the dance featured in the video after being offered a spot dancing on a television show.

“I was so desperate to get noticed I went to a TV production company in Korea and started doing a dance – a crazy dance – up and down the corridors,” he said.

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