Inventors trot out world’s best bike-horse hybridiser!


It’s for the horse owner who has everything – or the horse lover who has nothing.

A small British team of entrepreneurs has come up with a remarkable bicycle accessory that mimics the sound of horse hooves on pavement.

The Trotify in action.
The Trotify in action.

A little assembly is required – and the addition of a halved coconut shell – but once assembled and mounted on a bicycle, the so-called “Trotify” is ready for action.

The wooden device is powered off the bicycle’s knobbly tyres, making a realistic imitation of a horse’s movement on pavement.

It would seem to be the perfect gift for the horse owner who has every horse accessory under the sun – except this one – or the would-be horse owner who can clip-clop around on their bicycle until they can afford the real thing.

The Trotify team has one problem, however.

It developers, who are pretty safe in calling their Trotify the “leading bike-horse hybridiser in the world”, say they are just a tiny operation and don’t want to order a heap of them from the factory, only to find they cannot sell them.

“The designs are complete and our supply chain is all set up, but we need to order at least 1000 units to make Trotify a reality,” they said.

They have therefore put the device on the market at £25, plus post and packing, and are aiming to ship the novelty to purchasers in March next year.

And, yes, there is even a T-shirt – for £9.99 – for those who can only dream of owning a real bike-horse hybrid; or a tote bag for £4.99.

The Trotify team has an initial target of 1000 orders, and at the time of writing the counter on its website indicated they had 55 sales.

They have a spoof video of a girl dreaming of horse ownership, but settling on the Trotify, and another showing the realistic sound of the device. There is also footage of an earlier prototype.

You can place your advance order at

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