Police horse corners suspect fleeing on mountainbike

Police horse Guild with Chief Inspector Russ Procter.
Police horse Guild with Chief Inspector Russ Procter.

A police horse in Britain has run down a fleeing suspect on a mountainbike, trapping him against a tree.

It is the first arrest in Skelmersdale for police horse Guild, the newest recruit in the Lancashire Constabulary’s mounted division.

Guild, 6, was on patrol with Constable Keith Marsh, on Thursday last week.

They spotted a man making off on his mountainbike from officers around 2.30pm, the Ormskirk and Skelmersdale Advertiser reported.

Guild and Marsh gave chase, cornering the suspect against a tree.

The suspect was held for a drug search. The 18-year-old was arrested for having cannabis and given an adult caution.

Guild joined the division in August, and is the first coloured horse in the 19-horse mounted division. He was named, along with fellow new arrival, Jubilee, in a Facebook contest earlier this year.






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