Pony and rider deep in poo rescued by firefighters

A pony trapped in 1.2 metres of chicken droppings has been rescued by firefighters in Manchester, England.

Fire crews from the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were called on Saturday afternoon to a property off Isherwood Road, in Carrington, after a report that a girl and her pony were stuck in mud.

Crews from Sale and Stretford were sent, supported by the specialist water incident and animal rescue crews from Eccles.

The arriving crews were confronted by a pony and rider stuck in a large pile of chicken manure which was about 1.2 metres deep and up to the pony’s shoulders.

The crews used an inflatable path to safely rescue the 20-year-old woman from the pony’s back.

While firefighters reassured and calmed the pony, a track was dug through the manure pile using an excavator from a nearby farm.

Once the track was complete, firefighters led the pony to safety.

The rider and pony both escaped without injury.



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