Neglect alleged in horse seizure cases in Michigan, Florida


Horse seizures for alleged neglect have been reported in Michigan and Florida.

The Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition and Livingston County Animal Control were to have seized 12 horses from a farm in Howell on Thursday.

The coalition said in a release: “The decision to seize the animals comes after months of investigations and repeated attempts by county officials to work with the owner in terms of properly caring for her horses.”

The animals were to be taken to the Chase Lake Equine Center in Fowlerille for further evaluation.

They will then be turned over to rescue groups pending the outome of a forfeiture hearing this month.

The coalition is appealing for help to care for the horses, given the soaring cost of hay. Those who wish to help can find the details here.

Meanwhile, in Loxahatchee, Florida, 14 horses have been removed from a 10-acre property by Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control.

The seizure resulted from an inquiry that began in September.

Authorities are considering charging their owner with with felony animal cruelty.


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