Horse passport push by FEI

The FEI has consolidated its agreement with the European Union which now accepts FEI horse passports as valid EU approved passports as long as they are continuously validated.

At its meeting in Istanbul on Tuesday, the FEI Bureau has come out in support of the wider use of horse passports for sporting horses, saying that are a means of identifying ownership and basic breeding.

“It is a record of event attendance, vaccination, past disease and anti-doping testing. It is also a place to keep a microchip number.

“However, there is a need for more National Federations to have passports of a suitable standard,” the Bureau said.

It also endorsed the production of an FEI Biosecurity Guide in 2013, and a closer working relationship with the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) as a way for the FEI to better promote the principles and objectives of the OIE.

The move will strengthen the ties between the two organisations; FEI President Princess Haya was named the OIE’s first Goodwill Ambassador in September.

The FEI’s General Assembly takes place this week in Istanbul, Turkey.

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