Study to probe safety of thoroughbred workers

Dr Jennifer Swanberg
Dr Jennifer Swanberg

The University of Kentucky has launched a five-year study into the health and safety of thoroughbred workers.

The main goal of the study, funded by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is to make work safe for workers on thoroughbred farms.

The study aims to better understand the circumstances associated with common and uncommon illness and injuries experienced by thoroughbred workers.

It will do this by:

  • Determining the farm safety and health challenges related to a diverse workforce;
  • Identifying strategies that farms have tried or established to address these concerns; and
  • Developing and distributing tools and resources, free of charge, that farms can use to enhance worker safety and health.

These aims will be accomplished through the study’s three phases.

  • In-depth interviews with farm owners, managers, and/or human resource personnel.
  • Community-based interviews with thoroughbred workers.
  • Using information gleaned from the first two phases, health and safety resources will be developed, evaluated, and distributed to owners, managers, and workers on thoroughbred farms in Kentucky.

The study is being led by Dr Jennifer Swanberg and is guided by two advisory councils: a community advisory board comprised of community service and health leaders, and an industry advisory board, comprised of leaders from Kentucky’s thoroughbred industry.


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