Testing on eight horses, three dogs after hendra case

Eight horses and three dogs in Ingham, Queensland, are being tested for Hendra virus following the death of a stock horse from the disease.

The 14-year-old animal was euthanised on Thursday because of the severity of its symptoms. Hendra was confirmed through testing late on Friday.

Authorities are now testing others horses and three dogs who may have been exposed to the disease.

Dogs that have had contact with infected horses are now routinely tested after one tested positive last year.

The results are expected today.

Four people have been identified as having had potential exposure to the disease, but it is understood they have opted not to undergo testing.

The property remains under quarantine.

Hendra was first identified following an outbreak in the Brisbane suburb of Hendra in 1994. It has since killed more than 80 horses and is known to have infected seven people, four of whom died.


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