Horse butchered in Miami-Dade County, remains dumped

Richard Couto and a young thoroughbred he rescued, Freedom's Flight.
Richard Couto and a young thoroughbred he rescued, Freedom’s Flight.

Another butchered horse has been found dumped in Florida’s Miami-Dade County, the latest victim in a cruel black-market meat trade.

The dismembered animal was found on Thursday night in the southwest of the county, near SW 81st Terrace and 123rd Avenue.

The nearby remains of another horse, believed to have been butchered about two months ago, was found the next morning.

High-profile animal advocate Richard Couto, who founded the Animal Recovery Mission, believed the latest victim had been stabbed and butchered alive.

He believed the animal had been butchered at a different location, with its remains dumped at the rural site. The animal was in about 150 pieces, he told local media.

He estimated it had been no more than two years old, and had recently been fitted with shoes.

The illegal slaughter of horses in Miami-Dade and neighbouring Broward County has been a worrying issue for several years, with those responsible finding a ready market for the horse meat.

The problem has resulted in tougher penalties around horse slaughter, but the trade continues.




One thought on “Horse butchered in Miami-Dade County, remains dumped

  • November 3, 2012 at 11:52 am

    I’m just wondering if the media has published throughout Florida, warnings to anyone in the market for buying horse meat, the chemicals that remain in domestic horses such as, worming meds, Bute (used for pain and inflammation), their yearly shots which some contain live viruses, chemicals from certain feed supplements, and the list goes on. People eating the meat from these horses could die! If this is spread far and wide, maybe the buyers wouldn’t be so ready to buy from these heathens!


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