Wee Teddy in fight for his life

Teddy hooks into a drink of milk.
Teddy hooks into a drink of milk.

An eight-week-old foal found abandoned on a British roadside is fighting for his life.

Theodore, fondly known as Teddy, was found starving and alone with no sign of his mother on a roadside in Buckinghamshire.

Life is tough enough for any orphaned foal, but Teddy is also extremely underweight and has an extraordinarily high worm count.

The Horse Trust, which took in Teddy, says the odds are against him, but describes him as a fighter.

“We are doing all we can to help him.”

Teddy arrived at The Horse Trust last week after being rescued by Thames Valley Police with the help of a councillor from the Buckinghamshire County Council.

Staff at the charity have provided round-the-clock care for Teddy from the minute he arrived.

“This friendly little chap has won all our hearts,” a spokesperson said. “He loves cuddles and whinnies whenever he hears footsteps near his stable. We do not understand how anyone can abandon a helpless foal like this.”

Last weekend, Teddy’s temperature plummeted and he was found flat out and barely breathing.

“Just when we thought we would lose him, this little fighter rallied and got to his feet. As soon as it was safe for him to travel he was rushed to the Royal Veterinary College (RVC).

Teddy at the RVC. He has to wear a muzzle to stop him from eating the straw bedding.
Teddy at the RVC. He has to wear a muzzle to stop him from eating the straw bedding.

“Teddy is currently in intensive care at the RVC where he is being monitored 24 hours a day.

“He is on a drip to provide him an IV cocktail of fluids, antibiotics, glucose, plasma and proteins. Teddy’s worm count is so high that he must receive treatment, but the worming drugs he desperately needs to rid him of the parasites could prove fatal.

“His special worming treatment has begun and he has not reacted badly so far. His vets are not optimistic, but there is still hope that he will pull through.”

Teddy’s treatment is costing the charity £1000 a day, but it says it is determined to give the eight-week-old a fighting chance.

“As a colt Teddy has little monetary value, but to us he is priceless.”

The charity has been tweeting regular updates on Teddy’s condition, and the news is encouraging.

Just four hours before publication of this story, it reported: “Teddy is doing really well. He is loving his milk pellets.”


Those wanting to help Teddy can donate to the Quest Memorial Appeal.

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