Arrests over burglary of Chicago police stables

Driveway leading to South Shore Cultural Center
Driveway leading to South Shore Cultural Center. © Antonio Vernon

Two teenagers have been charged over the September burglary of police stables in Chicago, where 27 horses were freed inside the complex.

The incident left two of the horses injured, and police offered a $US5000 reward – donated by the police chaplain’s ministry and the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation – for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible.

Local media report that two male teenagers, 14 and 16, have each been charged with felony burglary and five counts of injury to a police animal.

The incident happened on the night of Sunday, September 16.

Mounted officers on duty returned to the stables in the grounds of the South Shore Cultural Center to find that 27 horses had been freed from their stalls. They were agitated and circling the arena.

Police allege one of the horses, JR, suffered chemical burns when sprayed in the face with a fire extinguisher. Another horse, Schott, suffered a leg cut.

The offenders are believed to have entered the building through a rear window.


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