Search for three horses in New York State park

Location of Schoharie County in New York
Location of Schoharie County in New York.

The search is on for three horses seen running free in a 2500-acre park in New York State.

Three animals were recently spotted in the Mallet Pond State Forrest by students on a field trip, Stolen Horse International reported on its website.

It says it needs help to get them home before the weather turns bitterly cold.

The identification of the horses, described as only “brown” and “thin”, will be a vital part of a successful recovery process.

Another challenge searchers face is deer season.

Hunters in the rugged and remote area are encouraged to keep a look-out for the threesome.

Some are asking if the three could have been survivors displaced by 2011’s Tropical Storm Irene.

“Anything is possible,” states Debi Metcalfe, founder of Stolen Horse International.

“This could be related to horses who just wandered away from a local farm, victims of the floods or anything in-between. No-one really knows but we are hopeful that some of the flood victims are still out there somewhere. We never give up hope!”

Two small searches were completed by locals.

A larger search party is being organized. Anyone interested in searching is encouraged to wear an orange vest and make safety their top priority.

The horses were seen on October 19 on Cemetery Road, in a marshy area. One of the horses looked shaggy.

When the students tried to approach them, they ran off down the road towards Fulton Hill Road.

Stolen Horse International’s network of volunteers is instrumental in the safe recovery of missing horses due to its ability to disseminate information quickly and effectively. It urged people to help by spreading the word or assisting in the search.


Updates will be reported on Stolen Horse International’s Facebook page. A map and updated information can also be found at


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