Trust aims for second welfare centre in Gambia

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A vet works on a donkey in Gambia.
A vet works on a donkey in Gambia.

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust plans to open a second centre in the African nation, and has launched a fundraising drive to find the £100,000 needed to make it happen.

The trust is in its 10th year of operations, working to improve the lives of working equines and their owners in The Gambia.

It says huge improvements have been seen in the welfare and productivity of animals in the area where the charity is based.

That being the case, the trust is now busy planning the opening of a second centre, in a different area of Gambia, so it can reach many more needy equines and people.

The new centre will be based in a more urban area, closer to the Gambian capital of Banjul.

It has set a fundrasing target of £100,000 to get the new centre running.

Charity director Heather Armstrong acknowledges this is no easy task during these difficult economic times, so has hatched a novel fundraising idea.

The 333 Club is the new fundraising initiative that everyone is being encouraged to get involved with.

It wants 300 people (or clubs, groups, or organisations) to set out to raise £333 each to reach the £100,000 target.

It says £333 is a feasible amount of money for anyone to raise with one or two small-scale fundraising events or challenges.

“We just need to find 300 people who are willing to accept the challenge!” Armstrong says.

Members of the 333 Club will be presented with a certificate of membership, will be welcome to visit the new centre when it is opened, and the trust is working on being able to provide members with other benefits and bonuses, particularly if they visit The Gambia.

All members will have their names (or name of their organisation, school, college, place of work) engraved on a plaque at the new centre.

“The working equines in The Gambia are in desperate need,” Armstrong says. “Your support is needed to help them. So much has been achieved in the past ten years – now it is time to look forward to what can be achieved in the next ten years!”

If you are interested in learning more about the 333 Club, or you would simply like to become one of the first members of the 333 Club please contact Heather Armstrong on 01306 627568 or email Anna at A fundraising pack can be provided to help with ideas to raise the £333. If organising an event isn’t your thing, perhaps you could simply ask 10 friends to donate £33 to you for the worthy cause, to enable you to join the 333 Club.

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