Psy’s “horse dance” video chalks up 500 million views


Is it the catchy tune or the crazy horse dance? Whatever the appeal, there is no doubt that South Korean entertainer Psy is on to something with his “Gangnam Style”.

Psy gets down, Gangnam style.
Psy gets down, Gangnam style.

Psy’s funky dance moves, which mimick riding a horse, are now little short of a global sensation, leaving the likes of the Bird Dance, the Macarena and the Blue Monkey in its dust.

Psy’s YouTube posting of his music video, complete with Gangnam Style dance moves, has gone viral, chalking up an incredible 480 million views since it was posted in June. That makes it one of the most popular clips in YouTube history.

The album’s title song, “Gangnam Style” was already a huge hit in South Korea before it was exported to the world.

The song was composed solely by Psy, 34, who chose it as the title song on his sixth and latest album. He also choreographed the music video, which includes horses.

The catchy horse-riding dance moves are now used in South Korea gyms in exercise routines, and Psy himself appears to be keeping busy touring the world showing off his dance moves.

“Gangnam style” is a reference to the lavish lifestyle in Seoul’s upmarket Gangnam district.

The colloquially named “horse dance” can now be seen on dance floors, in bars, and in gyms around the world.

Last Tuesday, Psy showed his stuff on Australia’s “X Factor”. He was also scheduled to show it on Australia’s “Sunrise” breakfast television show.

He is due in the United States on October 20 for a series of promotional outings before travelling to Europe in November.

Psy is scheduled to attend the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards on November 11 in Frankfurt, and is to release a song in English in mid-December.



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