Epic fail or cute? Jury out on brony T-shirt offering

The offending Bronie T-shirts.
The offending Brony T-shirts. © Equestria Daily

Bronies, being caring and sharing types, are trying to stay smiling over a little misunderstanding by Walmart over their culture.

The giant retailer is looking to get a slice of the brony economic pie with brony T-shirts. However, its offerings feature the wrong ponies.

Bronies are male fans of the current animated children’s television series “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. Those featured on the T-shirts are from a 1980s television series.

Bronies – a word which is a combination of brothers and ponies – apparently refer to the 1980s ponies as generation one. They are fans of the so-called generation four ponies from the “Friendship is Magic” TV series, which began in 2010.

Equestria Daily, which publishes brony news, labelled the T-shirts a complete miss.

“It looks like the big guys over there want to cash in on the brony phenomenon, but they seem to have gotten one key factor wrong here,” the website noted.

One follower of the site commented: “This is the biggest fail in history”.

Another was more charitable: “That’s actually pretty funny. I’d buy it.”

Said another: “It’s cute that they’re trying so hard to win us over yet are failing so completely.”

“It looks like Applejack and Fluttershy have turned to the dark side,” noted Savannah Williams.

Website The Daily Dot chased up Wal-Mart about the shirt design.

A Wal-Mart spokesperson said the T-shirts were available in 1000 stores already, and would soon be available nationwide.

They were proving very popular, the spokesperson said, adding: “We chose the vintage characters since that is what our customers respond to.”

Now word, however, on whether generation four ponies will one day be gracing Wal-Mart’s brony T-shirts.




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