Wee Rupert puts serious chest infection behind him

Rescued donkey Rupert with Chris Pile, manager of the Derbyshire centre.
Rescued donkey Rupert with Chris Pile, manager of the Derbyshire centre.

A lung scan has revealed that rescue donkey Rupert, once too ill to stand or even feed himself, is well on the road to recovery.

Rupert was critically ill when found by the RSPCA in Morecambe, Lancashire, late in June. He was underweight with long hooves, his breathing was rapid and he was despondent.

He was immediately signed over to international animal welfare charity The Donkey Sanctuary to receive the specialist care he desperately needed.

Initially, his condition was too dangerous for Rupert to travel to one of the sanctuary’s farms.

Rupert’s recovery began at a local veterinary practice, where he was given antibiotics to combat his condition and was fed through a stomach tube.

He was moved to the sanctuary’s centre in Flagg, Derbyshire once he had regained his strength, his rapid breathing had returned to a more normal rate, and his condition was no longer critical.

Staff at the sanctuary now report that lung scans confirm that Rupert is making a good recovery from the severe respiratory condition that threatened his life.

“We are really pleased with Rupert’s progress,” said Chris Pile, the Derbyshire centre’s manager.

“We have seen a real improvement in the time that he has been in our care and are thrilled that the lung scan results confirm that he is on the mend.

Critically ill Rupert now has a chance of survival thanks to The Donkey Sanctuary.
Rupert undergoing treatment at Westmorland Veterinary Practice.

“His white blood cell count has also returned to normal after his respiratory infection so he no longer needs to be on any medication.

“We will continue to keep a close eye on him, but are hopeful that he will soon be able to join a group of donkeys on the farm and make new friends.”


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