Life-long equestrian for BC Sports Hall of Fame

Canadian equestrian identity David Esworthy has been inducted into the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame.
Canadian equestrian identity David Esworthy has been inducted into the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame. © BC Sports Hall of Fame

Former Equine Canada President David Esworthy has been inducted into the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame in recognition of his life-long dedication to equestrian sport.

Induction recognizes excellence in sport, contribution to sport and the impact on sport in British Columbia, in the categories of athlete, team, builder, media, pioneer, and volunteer. A selection committee, comprised of members of the BC Sports Hall of Fame Board of Trustees, the media and the sport community made the final decision.

Esworthy has been described as a true horseman, in that he has served in virtually every role possible in equestrian sport: as a rider, FEI judge, FEI steward, clinician, show organizer, show chair, administrator and industry advisor. Perhaps Esworthy’s biggest impact has been to the countless individuals he has mentored in BC, Canada, and beyond, who themselves have gone on to become accomplished athletes, officials and administrators.

Always working to give equestrian greater recognition and credibility, Esworthy’s 50-plus-year career included a variety of administrative positions including two terms as president of Equine Canada (1977 – 1984). Esworthy was also instrumental in the preparation for equestrian events at both the 1976 and 1984 Olympic Games.

“It is hard to put into words just what this has meant to me,” said Esworthy.

“It is certainly the biggest honor that I have received since I was awarded the Canadian Equestrian Federation (now Equine Canada) Gold Medal about 30 years ago. I have said it several times that my being named to the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame was a total surprise. It was something that I, let alone never aspired to, but I had never even thought of,” he said.

“Certainly there was a feeling of awe when I was first advised of the honor but it takes a while for the shock to wear off and then you start to recognize all the great athletes, coaches and builders that are honored members and that you are joining their ranks. It was a double honor to realize that “Equestrian” is now a category in the Hall and that I am the first ever to be named in that category,” Esworthy said. “I must also thank all the great members of the CEF who have done so much for the sport and enabled me to represent them all in this way.”

The BC Sports Hall of Fame hosted a “Banquet of Champions” on Thursday, September 20 at the Vancouver Convention Centre to honour the Class of 2012.

Marion Lay, chair of the Selection Committee, said the 2012 Class of Inductees honoured by the BC Sports Hall of Fame are exceptional. “Our selection committee did an outstanding job of sifting through over 120 nominations. The Class of 2012 truly reflects the best of the best.”

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