Two horses, foal in care in Oregon animal neglect case

The mare and foal in Marion County.
The mare and foal now in SPCA care in Marion County.

A woman faces two counts of animal neglect over the care of horses on her property in Marion County, Oregon.

Two horses and a foal are now in the care of the United SPCA Rescue in Yamhill after an investigation by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies were first alerted to possible neglect of the animals in January, 2012, when Senior Deputy Brenda Lumley went to the property in Turner.

A veterinarian was called to examine horses on the property, which the sheriff’s office described as thin and suffering from the early stages of malnutrition.

There were seven horses on the property.

The owner of the animals, Amanda McNutt-Genther, 30, initially worked with Lumley to improve the condition of the horses. Deputies continued to check on the horses as time permitted.

On September 19, Marion County Animal Control Officers again drew the attention of the sheriff’s office to the horses.

Lumley visited and found a 14-year-old Quarter Horse-Morgan cross mare with a four-month-old foal colt.

Amanda McNutt-Genther
Amanda McNutt-Genther

Both were suffering from extreme malnutrition, the office said. They were pot-bellied and had dull coats and were showing their ribs. Their body condition ratings were less than 2 on a scale of 1-10, with 5 being ideal.

McNutt-Genther admitted she had been feeding the horses a mixture of grass hay and seed straw with no additional grain or nutrition. They had not been fed for several days because McNutt-Genther ran out of feed and lacked the money to buy more.

The mare’s condition indicates that her weight loss was long-standing and she was unable to produce enough milk for her foal. The foal’s condition had deteriorated rapidly.

A black-and-white pinto mare was also in poor condition.

The two remaining full-sized mixed breed horses, and two miniature horses, were all in need of hoof care, with hooves being extremely long due to neglect.

McNutt-Genther agreed to sign surrender papers on the mare and foal, and the pinto mare. They were transported to Yamhill to begin their recovery under the treatment of Dr Barbara Kahl.

McNutt-Genther was given specific direction on how to care for the needs of the remaining animals.

She was then taken into custody on two counts of animal neglect and booked at the Marion County Jail.

Investigators say the foal's condition was rapidly deteriorating.
Investigators say the foal was deteriorating in condition.


One thought on “Two horses, foal in care in Oregon animal neglect case

  • February 6, 2015 at 3:13 pm

    You will always notice that these people found starving their animals all look like they keep themselves well fed. This woman needs the other horses removed today or they will look just like this poor mare and her foal. No slaps on the wrist no little fines, file felony animal cruelty charges against her and make it stick!


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