Award recognises ‘gentle’ horse trainer’s work

Carlos Tabernaberri
Carlos Tabernaberri

Horse trainer Carlos Tabernaberri has been honoured with Australia’s 2012 Quest Equitarian Award, which recognises individuals who help improve the welfare of equines.

Quest Equine Welfare runs the awards, which recognise professional equestrian industry individuals who offer consistent, compassionate, and selfless service which improves the welfare of equines.

Tabernaberri, whose training motto is “help ever, hurt never”, was described by the nominator as having methods that were “simply amazing … so very gentle and he brings the confidence back to both horse and rider. He travels all over the world helping horses and people. He always tells his clients that he is only a phone call away when we need help or have questions. He also does amazing work with brumbies and helps to train and find homes for orphaned foals.”

He has been described as the ‘next generation of horsemen’ and the ‘gentlest horseman yet to touch a horse’. He’s also been described as the ‘only horseman who truly puts the horse first’.

Judge Lyn White, of  Animals Australia, said she could not think of a more worthy recipient. “He really endeavours to get people to see things through the eyes of the horse, creating empathy not just for horses but all animals. He seems to be a lovely man and has great compassion for both people and horses.”

The 2012 Equitarian Award is a crystal trophy sponsored by Herbal Horse.

Quest said there were many wonderful nominees, “horse men and women who extend themselves ‘above and beyond’ in their professional roles, for the welfare of the equine, and whose untiring efforts have made, and do make an enormously positive impact upon the lives of many horses and ponies”.

“We know that none of the award nominees do what they do for the accolades, but we are grateful for the opportunity that the Equitarian Award provides for us all to publicly acknowledge the good works of all award nominees. Congratulations to all.”

Tabernaberri is the principal of Whispering Acres Horse Starting and Training, which is based in Whittlesea, Victoria. He is scheduled to visit New Zealand for the first time in November this year for clinics in Otago and Manawatu.

He starts and trains horses the gentle way, establishing cooperation through clear communication, understanding and trust. He also provides riding instruction to and conducts regular clinics. He has released a book, Through the Eyes of the Horse, and two DVDs.

Tabernaberri has been selected to be the featured equine demonstrator at the new Balmoral Show in Ireland in 2013.

Quest Equine Welfare (QEW) is an Australian horse/donkey welfare organisation, dedicated to providing a high standard of comprehensive welfare services to sick, injured, abused, abandoned, and neglected equines. It accepts cruelty and neglect cases for care regardless of breed, age, sex or size of the equine – founded on the belief that all living creatures should be treated with dignity and respect, no matter their perceived ‘value’ in human terms.

QEW aims to promote humane standards, public awareness, and education regarding the care and responsibilities of horse ownership through community outreach, direct assistance, and through example.

Carlos Tabernaberri
Carlos Tabernaberri

The 2012 award nominess were:

David Simons
Steve Sutton
Carola Adolf
Wrangler Jayne
Sandi Simons
Cynthia Cooper
Tatiana Frazzica
John Chatterton
MaryAnne Leighton
Carlos Tabernaberri
Andrea Schaede
Maree Crabtree
Anita Marchesani
Jane Myers
Camie Heleski 

‘Equitarian’ service for equines may include, (but is not limited to):

  • Offering free or low cost vaccinations, geldings, euthanasia.
  • Volunteering services or resources to an incorporated equine rehabilitation organisation or equine related therapy centre.
  • Contributing funds to support an equine related benevolent program.
  • Volunteering educational programs for equine veterinary students.
  • Educating equine owners about appropriate health care.
  • Volunteering services for equine welfare related projects in third world countries.


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