Chance to ride on Olympic arena – at home

View from up the hill towards the Observatory
Preparation work on the arena at Greenwich. © Jane Thompson

The surface used for the Olympic equestrian events at Greenwich Park is up for sale after the end of the Paralympic Games of London 2012.

The arena, installed by Andrews Bowen, will be taken apart and the footing, comprised of sand and synthetic material, is being sold off.

About 8500 tonnes were used at Greenwich Park. The arena was built on a raised platform, which brought unique issues to the project. The unique combination of location, environmental restrictions and the platform all had to be considered  to achieve the best possible footing.

Andrews Bowen had two surfaces in use at Greenwich, the Prowax surface and the 2012, which was developed for the Games and used in the main arena.

The main arena footing was approved in late July after testing, and supported by the scientific work carried out on the surface by Lars Roepstorff.  He measured properties including surface firmness, elasticity, the dampening capacity of the footing, and grip.

The surface material is selling for £100 per tonne.

The make-up of the raised arena.
The make-up of the raised arena. © Andrews Bowen

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