Arabian mare fetches $US542K at Pride of Poland

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Pride of Poland 2012 sale topper Ejrene.
Pride of Poland 2012 sale topper Ejrene.

As expected the eight-year-old mare Ejrene has topped this year’s Pride of Poland Arabian horse sale, fetching €440,000 for the Michałów Stud.

The daughter of Gazal Al Shaqab, out of the Monogramm mare Omocja, was knocked down to a bidder from the United Arab Emirates for the equivalent of $US542,072 (£345,781; NZ$672,949).

Ejrene has been one of Michałów’s most outstanding show mares, and was named Polish National Champion Junior Mare in 2007, 2008 International Senior Champion mare in Austria, and in 2011 was Polish National Senior Silver Champion Mare, and International Senior Gold Champion Mare in Wels, Austria.

Ejrene was sold in foal to the four-year-old Shanghai E.A, a Spanish bred son of WH Justice, by Magnum Psyche. Shanghai E.A was European Junior Champion Stallion in 2011, and World Junior Reserve Champion stallion in Paris the same year.

Buyers from around the world flocked to the sale at the state-owned Janow Podlaski in eastern Poland for the sale over the weekend. The auction followed the 34rd National Arabian Horse Show at Janow.


Second highest price lot was the nine-year old mare Etnologia, who was sold on behalf of Janow Podlaski to British breeder Shirley Watts, who has been a regular at the auction over the years. The daughter of Gazal Al Shaqab fetched €370,000 ($US455,814; $NZ565,914).

Etnologia, who is in foal to Kahil al Shaqab, by the Gazal Al Shaqab son Marwan al Shaqab, is a daughter of the Europejczyk mare Etalanta.

Etnologia has had a glittering show career, including being named best in show at Bialka in Poland in 2005, Polish National Champion top five mare in 2009 and 2010, European senior bronze champion mare in verona in 2011, and World Senior top ten mare in Paris last year.

Watts topped the sale in 2009 when she bought Pinta for €500,000, and in 2007 when she bought Pieta for €300,000.

This year Watts also bought Elgina (by Ekstern; €25,000) and Esmirna (by Werbum; €10,000) from Michalów Stud, and Biruta (by Ekstern; €100,000) from Janow Podlaski.


The Gazal Al Shaqab mare Funkia was sold by Michalów to an Australian buyer for €35,000 ($US43,115; $NZ53,531).

Horses also sold to buyers in Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Poland.

Nineteen mares were sold this year, fetching a total of €1.325 million ($US1.632m; $NZ2.026m), with a per-horse average of €69,700 ($US85,863; $NZ106,600). Nine horses were passed in.

Other sale toppers in previous years include Michalów Stud’s Piacenza, who fetched €475,000 in 2011; Pilar (€240,000) in 2010, and Kwestura, who fetched €1,125,000 in 2008.

The two day’s before Sunday’s sale featured Poland’s 34th National Arabian Championships, where Janów Podlaski’s National Senior Female Champion Palmeta (Ecaho x Pilica [Fawor]) was named the Best of the Show.




Sale results


Horse name


Price (€)


L 1 DIORMA Michałów

L 2 CYMRA Białka 20.000 Saudi Arabia
L 3 EJRENE Michałów 440.000 United Arab Emirates
L 4 BENITA Janów Podl. 30.000 Poland
L 5 GATAKA A. Wójtowicz 55.000 Saudi Arabia
L 6 ELGINA Michałów 25.000 Great Britain
L 7 ETNOLOGIA Janów Podl. 370.000 Great Britain
L 8 FUNKIA Michałów 35.000 Australia
L 9 POMERANIA Janów Podl. 47.000 Saudi Arabia
L 10 HERLINA Białka 45.000 Saudi Arabia
L 11 EMMONIDA Michałów/Monika Luft

L 12 BIRUTA Janów Podl. 100.000 Great Britain
L 13 PIAWEA L. Błaszczyk/P. Sawicki 30.000
L 14 EUNORA Michałów

L 15 PUNCJA Janów Podl.

L 16 PERGA Michałów

L17 ELWA Janów Podl.

L18 ESPINEZJA Leszek Jarmuż/Falborek Arabians 50.000 Saudi Arabia
L19 PERESPA Janów Podl.

L20 CIRI Białka 7.000
L21 ESMIRNA Michałów 10.000 Great Britain
L22 AGATIA Janów Podl. 13.000
L23 ELIRDIA Michałów 7.000 Saudi Arabia
L24 EMBORIA Michałów 19.000
L25 PEPINA Janów Podl. 11.000 Germany
L26 KAROLINA Michałów

L27 NIZARA Janów Podl. 11.000
L28 HARFIA Białka


34th Polish National Arabian Horse Show results

Polish National Junior Female Championship 2012
I – Primera (Eden C (US) – Preria/Ararat)  – Janów Podlaski
II – Perfinka (Esparto – Perolia/Gazal Al Shaqab) – SK Białka
III – Emandilla (Om El Shahmaan (US) – Espadrilla/Monogramm (US) – SK Michałów 

Polish National Junior Male Championship 2012
I – Equator – (QR Marc (US) – Ekliptyka/Ekstern) – SK Michałów
II – Emarc – (QR Marc (US) – Eksterna/Ekstern) K. Goździalski
III – Barok (Om El Bellissimo (US) – Baida/Balon) – SK Janów Podlaski 

Polish National Senior Female Championship 2012
I – Palmeta (Ecaho – Pilica/Fawor) – SK Janów Podlaski
II – El Saghira (Galba (DE) – Emira- Laheeb (IL) – SK Michałów
III – Sefora (Ekstern – Sawantka/Pepton) – SK Janów Podlaski 

Polish National Senior Male Championship 2012
I – Palatino (Pesal – Palmeta/Ecaho) – SK Janów Podlaski
II – Pegasus (Gazal Al. Shaqab (QA) – Pepesza/Eukaliptus) – SK Janów Podlaski
III – Elmaran (Al. Maraam (IL) – Ekstera/Ekstern) – Wojciech Parczewski 

The Best of the Show – PALMETA (Ecaho – Pilica/Fawor) – SK Janów Podlaski








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