Pony abandoned with maggot-infested legs

The abandoned filly, who has been named Star.
The abandoned filly, who has been named Star.

A pony believed to have recently had a foal has been found abandoned in Surrey, England, with its hind legs infested with maggots and green bottle flies.

The British RSPCA is investigating following the discovery of the piebald mare in Rook Lane, Chaldon, last Wednesday.

The animal, who has been named Star, is receiving treatment for a bacterial infection believed to have gone untreated for more than a month.

RSPCA’s spokeswoman Lucy Chillery said she was shocked to see the wounds on Star, who is believed to be aged about two and a half.

“She was in such a pitiful state that she had to lift one foot after another off the floor to ease the pain,” she said.

“She had clearly been callously dumped in the middle of the night by someone who then just drove away.”

The RSPCA believes Star may recently have had a foal.




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