Psychic donkey no match for legendary octopus


Remember the psychic octopus named Paul who correctly predicted the results of all seven of Germany’s games at the 2010 soccer world cup?

Paul the Octopus.
Paul the Octopus.

Well, Telegraphtv has stumped up with Larry the psychic donkey to provide similar startling insights into Great Britain’s performance at the London Olympics.

Sadly, it seems Larry’s career as a psychic appears to be pretty much over.

Larry was asked whether Britain would win finally win gold on August 1, after four days without seeing its athletes on the top tier of the podium.

Larry was presented with two containers holding feed, one marked with a “yes” and the other marked “no”.

Larry opted for the “no” container, but proved to be well wide of the mark.

Great Britain won its first gold medal of the Games that day, when rowers Helen Glover and Heather Stanning triumphed in the women’s pair.

Britain has since kicked on to win five golds, consigning poor Larry to the pyschic scrapheap.

The question was put to Larry as Britain stood on the medal table with two silvers and two bronzes.

While publicity on Telegraphtv and Horsetalk may just about wrap up Larry’s media exposure, the same could not be said for Paul, who gleaned headlines around the globe for his soothsaying ability.

Paul, originally from Weymouth, England, lived in a tank at the Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany.

He not only correctly predicted the results of Germany’s seven games, but also nailed the outcome of the final, in which Spain beat the Netherlands.

For each prediction, Paul was presented with two boxes containing food in the form of a mussel.

Each box was marked on the outside with the flag of a national football team in a forthcoming match. His choice of which mussel to eat first indicated his prediction

Paul the Octopus was retired after the 2010 World Cup, and died the following October.

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