Horse plant inspections by end of year – report

Federal inspections of United States plants intent on slaughtering horses for human consumption should be ready to resume by the end of the year, according to a news report.

Horse slaughter plants have not operated on US soil since 2007. The US Department of Agriculture was not permitted to fund the inspections, effectively leaving the plants unable to operate.

However, a change in language in an agriculture bill late last year re-opened the door to the plant inspections. reports has interviewed Al Almanza, administrator of the Food Safety and Inspection Service, a San Antonio native who was in the city to speak at the Southwest Meat Association’s 56th annual convention.

Almanza said the testing procedures for inspections should be validated and ready for use in November or by the end of 2012.

Two companies, in New Mexico and Missouri, have submitted applications to have equine processing plants inspected, he said, and were keen to get started.

“If we can expedite that process, we will,” Almanza said.




One thought on “Horse plant inspections by end of year – report

  • September 18, 2012 at 11:02 am

    Dear Editor:

    Your article in July is incorrect. The two proposed slaughter hoauses in New Mexico to kill horses were found to owe fines and liens, charged with leaving piles of dead cow carcuses 15 feet and 400 feet square for months, never paid forrefrigeration and several major issues as well as cruelty to cattle.

    Each and every attempt to open a horse slaughter house has been turned down by the communities for economic, environental and legal issues.

    Almanza spoke prematurely as the USDA has cut $10 billion from the budget so as the school lunch program for school children, food stamps for single parent families and WIC formula programs are being cut back by 30%. To even think of lining of lining a few horse butchers and Belgium pockets on the backs of US taxpayers is fiscal suicide! 80 percent of Americans abhor horse slaughter so please retract your headline. Read about Kaufman Texas and Attorney Chistine McFearson and you see a vast aray of evidence against toxic horsemeat. We can’t even eat lettuce with out a listeria (warm animal feces) contaimnation .


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