Virtual racehorse sells for $US5225

A virtual racehorse has been sold at auction for $US5225.

Tockyocky Racing bought the unraced Demonic Hamonic through an online horse auction from Kes Racing at

The average virtual racehorse at sells for $US15, but trainers can set their own prices when selling through their online auctions.

Kes Racing entered the unraced $US15 virtual horse into an auction with a minimum reserve of $US3750 – a move that reportedly raised a few eyebrows in the virtual horse racing community.

Five trainers started competing against each other in an aggressive bidding war that drove Demonic Hamonic’s selling price to $US5225.

There are apparently good reasons why trainers would part with that much cash for a virtual horse on

The website offers real cash stakes, adding sponsorship worth $US320,000 to each four-month virtual horse racing season, complete with a $US79,000 Championship Series and a supporting race program for weaker horses.

Ultimately, however, it is about winning a championship title at the end of the season. It was that prospect that drove the bidding war for Demonic Hamonic.



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