Black Caviar home and in quarantine

Black Caviar
Black Caviar

Fans of unbeaten race mare Black Caviar will have to wait to welcome her home as she goes through strict biosecurity protocols.

After winning the Diamond Jubilee Stakes at Royal Ascot last month, the champion mare has to spend 14 days in quarantine at Werribee International Horse Centre in Victoria after her arrival back in Australia on Wednesday morning.

Her departure from England was put back a day after her flight was delayed. Black Caviar, who sustained muscle tears and severe bruising during her narrow victory at Royal Ascot, is unbeaten in 22 career starts.

Peter Finnin, DAFF Principal Veterinary Officer for the South-East Region, will manage Black Caviar’s journey to the Werribee facility and oversee her time in quarantine.

“DAFF Biosecurity has a crucial role in the export and re-import of international race horses like Black Caviar,” Finnin said.

“Before leaving Australia, DAFF Biosecurity staff confirmed that Black Caviar complied with overseas country import requirements.

“During her time at the Werribee facility, Black Caviar will be tested twice to confirm she is free from Equine Influenza before being released to her regular training stable.”

Strict biosecurity protocols administered by DAFF Biosecurity ensure new pests and diseases are not introduced to affect stars of the track like Black Caviar, her stable mates and all other Australian horses.

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