British Pony Club introduces worm control badge


The Pony Club has introduced a  Worm Control Achievement Badge aimed at educating members on the most up-to-date strategies for  worm control in horses.

The badge was organised in conjunction with veterinary advisers at Pfizer Animal Health. It has been well received, with  300 already having been ordered by Pony Club branches and centres around Britain.

The badge was devised to help Pony Club members get to grips with the most modern thinking on the subject.

Pfizer vet Ben Lacey explains: “Years ago it all seemed easy, with the old-fashioned method of routine worming every 6 to 12 weeks, but as scientific knowledge evolves and the threat of wormer resistance increases, the experts now advocate using a more targeted approach to tackle a specific worm burden at a given point.

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“Every horse responds differently to worm threats and we also keep our horses in different circumstances – on busy DIY yards, on farms, at livery or at home. All these things need to be understood when planning the best method of worm control.”

The Worm Control Achievement Badge covers the key points to help Pony Club members make informed decisions about worming.

The syllabus explains the main worms affecting horses, the aims of managing worm burdens in horses and ponies, and the most effective and sustainable ways of achieving this.

To help members study for the badge, an accompanying “badge buddy” book is also available.

Pony Club chief executive Judy Edwards welcomed the badge and the training materials.

“Welfare is at the heart of  The Pony Club’s objectives, so correct worming knowledge is essential for our members,” she said.


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