Reverse 911 calls over North Carolina rabies case

Map showing location of Mecklenburg County in North Carolina.
Map showing location of Mecklenburg County in North Carolina.

Residents in parts of Mecklenburg County, in North Carolina, have received reverse 911 warning calls over an unusual case of rabies involving a horse.

The county’s health department organised the calls  in rural parts of the University City area, warning neighbors of the case and urging them to be on the lookout for animals behaving unusually, which can be a sign of rabies.

The department had already advised up to a dozen people to seek precautionary treatment immediately after exposure to the three-year-old filly, whoh died late last weekend at a stable in the Back Creek Church Road area.

The Charlotte Observer reported that the animal is believed to have been exposed in the Statesville area, before being moved to Mecklenburg County last week.

Iredell County officials have alerted people potentially exposed in its jurisdiction to seek treatment.

The paper reported that the filly had been aggressive and had been trying to bite herself and others.



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