Award to woman for reviving pony with CPR

A Queensland woman has received an RSPCA award for heroism over her efforts to save a pony that fell victim to an electric shock.

Chloe the pony was saved by Lyn Holborn-Quirk, from the Gold Coast, after the animal bit a light bulb and suffered a serious shock  at a show in Lismore, northern New South Wales.

Holborn-Quirk kicked the extension cord from the bulb and then set about performing CPR on the pony.

Her efforts revived Chloe. She used both her fists and swung her whole upper body to hit Chloe  as hard as she could over her heart.

After eight to 10 blows Chloe stirred and then lifted her head.

For her efforts, Holborn-Quirk  received the RSPCA’s Humane Award – its highest award for humans – at a presentation at parliament house, Queensland, yesterday.

She became the 10th recipient of the award since 1990.






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