Dress-code assistants trained up for Royal Ascot


Worried about meeting the dress code when mixing with Britain’s finest at the upcoming Royal Ascot race meeting?

Fear not, for a specially trained team of dress-code assistants will be on hand outside the course to assist racegoers who may have any issues with their attire.

About 300,000 racing and fashion fans are expected at the five-day Royal meeting, which starts on June 19.

The event, one of the most prestigious race meetings in the world, sees the introduction of a new dress code for racegoers visiting the Royal Enclosure and the Grandstand Admission area.

To ensure this is implemented as smoothly as possible, dress-code assistants will be on hand to help. A selection of waistcoats, ties, pashminas and other items will be available at the turnstiles for those who need them.

The new dress code was announced in January and reminders were sent out with badges and tickets.

For ladies in the Royal Enclosure, dresses and skirts should be of modest length, defined as falling just above the knee or longer.

In the Royal Enclosure, hats should be worn; a headpiece which has a base of 4 inches (10cm) or more in diameter is acceptable as an alternative to a hat.

Gentlemen in the Royal Enclosure must wear either black or grey morning dress, which must include a waistcoat and tie (no cravats), a black or grey top hat and black shoes.

In Grandstand Admission, a hat, headpiece or fascinator should be worn by ladies at all times. Strapless or sheer strap dresses and tops are not permitted. Gentlemen are required to wear a suit and tie.

Ascot chief executive Charles Barnett said: “Ascot is Europe’s flagship race meeting and one of the world’s greatest sporting and social events. We have tried to provide an appropriate dress code that is clear, workable and in line with the wishes of racegoers.

“Over the last few months, a huge amount of planning has gone in to making sure that the implementation of the new code goes as smoothly as possible.

“During the meeting itself, our team of special dress code assistants will help people with any queries that they may have.”


The style guides are online at:

http://www.ascot.co.uk/go/rencstyle for the Royal Enclosure

http://www.ascot.co.uk/go/gastyle for Grandstand Admission




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