Phar Lap the Wonder Horse – review


Phar Lap the Wonder HorseThis is a fantastic book to bring to life the legend of Phar Lap to new generations of younger readers – and listeners.

Phar Lap the Wonder Horse, by Jackie Kerin; illustrated by Patricia Mullins; Museum Victoria Publishing. softcover; 32pp; RRP $A19.95. ISBN: 0980381312; EAN: 9780980381313.

This large-format, softcover book is beautifully illustrated and perfect for reading aloud to the little ones. The story — told in ballad form — encapsulates the story of the mighty horse in language that the very young can understand.

The pictures are large and colourful, and are very good likenesses of the people surrounding Phar Lap and the horse himself. Mullins has used coloured tissue and a variety of Japanese, Nepalese and Indian papers as well as crayon and photomontage for the pictures.


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Jackie Kerin is an actor and teacher. She has worked in schools, theatre, film and television. Jackie is also a storyteller in the old fashioned sense of the word. Fascinated by the oral tradition, her stories like to be said as well as read. These days she spends her time working in a plant nursery, and writing and telling stories to children of all ages – and adults when they can be persuaded.

Patricia Mullins is an author and illustrator who has been involved in illustrating and writing over 20 children’s books, including the award-winning V for Vanishing and Rummage. She is passionate about horses and has worked on the restoration of carousel horses and rocking horses both in Australia and Europe.

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