Kentucky Horse Council to mark 40 years

The Kentucky Horse Council will celebrate its 40th anniversary this November.

Organized in 1972, the council was initially established as part of the state government. It was de-funded during the recession of the 1980s. The council then re-formed as a private nonprofit association.

Many of today’s horse industry leaders, still active in executive positions in the equine industry, have been part of the Kentucky Horse Council board at one time.

The 2012 board president, Anna Zinkhon, said: “The horse council has benefited from the experience and wisdom of top-notch horsemen over the years. This organization would not be what we are today without all of the direction and leadership from those who work with and love the horse.”

Individuals, businesses and associations may all join the council.

When taking into account all horsemen associated with membership, the council has more than 7000 members.  Its “Kentucky Horse News” e-newsletter has over 10,000 subscribers.

“This is a milestone for the Kentucky Horse Council,” executive director Ginny Grulke said.

“There are only a few other horse councils across the country which are so long-lived. The board and staff are working to ensure that this anniversary is followed by another 40 years of Kentucky Horse Council programs and support.”



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