Equine Piroplasmosis in the news


News articles on Equine Piroplasmosis from 2011 and earlier.

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4.10.11: Tick behind 2009 outbreak identified

11.3.11: AQHA requires EP test for world shows

7.10.10: Equine piroplasmosis tally now 409

13.8.10: North Carolina now has equine piroplasmosis

23.6.10: New equine piroplasmosis case in US

15.5.10: Second lab to offer equine piroplasmosis testing

15.3.10: Lecture on rising threat of equine piroplasmosis

5.2.10: Equine piroplasmosis cases at 380

28.1.10: Screening reveals more piroplasmosis cases in US

30.12.09: ‘Low levels’ of equine piroplasmosis in the US

1.12.09: Nearly 900 horses tested for blood-borne parasite

17.11.09: Equine piroplasmosis cases across 11 US states

12.11.09: Cases of equine piroplasmosis hit 288


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