Glittering show for Queen involves 550 horses

Performers during the Diamond Jubilee show.
Performers during the Diamond Jubilee show.

A glittering show including more than 550 horses has been watched by Queen Elizabeth, as major celebrations for her Diamond Jubilee year gather momentum.

The Sunday show in Windsor included more than 1200 performers, as well as the 550 horses, some of which had come from overseas to take part.

It was the fourth and final night of the show – a special extended performance to mark the attendance of the Queen and Prince Philip.

The audience included about 250 dignitaries from around the world.

The backdrop to the production was a 45-metre replica of Buckingham Palace.

In all, performers from 17 countries took part to mark the Queen’s 60th year on the throne.

The Queen, 86, enjoyed India’s Dancing Marwari Horses, Chilean Huasos, Italy’s Carousel of the Carabinieri and riders from Russia’s Kremlin Riding School.

Horses have been a big part of the Queen’s life and were a central theme of the show. It included a mock horse race involving some of her racehorses, and the show’s grand finale involved performers recreating her coronation.

Breeds from around the world featured at the show.
Breeds from around the world featured at the show.

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