Life looking up for orphaned baby Gin

Baby Gin was found alone on a common in Wales.
Baby Gin was found alone on a common in Wales.

Orphaned foal Gin is finding life at Britain’s Redwings Sanctuary just the tonic after an unfortunate start to life.

Gin was rescued by the RSPCA from Merthyr common in Wales and is now beginning a new life at Redwings.

The tiny chestnut foal was found by a member of the public when he was just a few hours old, all alone in the Mountain Hare area of Methyr Tydfil.

His mother was nowhere to be found, and despite the RSPCA’s best efforts, she was sadly never located.

No owner came forward for the foal and RSPCA officers were naturally concerned for his future, so they approached Redwings.

Gin was transported to Redwings’ headquarters to be cared for by its resident team of vets and carers, who will match Gin up with a suitable surrogate mother to help him as he grows.

Redwings Senior Vet Nicky Jarvis said: “Orphaned foals are extremely demanding and require round-the-clock care.

“At three weeks old, Gin needs to be fed a milk substitute every two hours and demands constant attention. However, he must not be overhandled, however tempting it might be, or he will be extremely difficult to manage in later life.

“This is a terribly sad story, and it’s amazing that Gin is such a friendly little chap given all he has been through, but the RSPCA have done a wonderful job caring for him over the last few weeks. We hope that once we have found him a new ‘mum’ from amongst our herds here, and, with lots of TLC from our care teams, he will have a bright and happy future.”

RSPCA Inspector Christine McNeil said she wanted to acknowledge the member of public’s obvious concern for the seemingly abandoned foal’s welfare, “but ideally we would ask members of the public to try to monitor the situation for as long as they can before taking action, in case the mare returns to find her baby”.

Gin needs to be fed every two hours.
Gin needs to be fed every two hours.

“We may never know what happened here; it’s possible that something may have happened to Gin’s mother during his birth, or even that Gin himself was unwanted by the mare’s owner and was himself deliberately abandoned.

“However, it’s equally possible that this foal may simply have become temporarily lost or parted from his mother and was unable to find her again. Whatever the reason, we were determined to give him the best chance in life after this awful start, and we are so glad that Redwings were able to offer him a home.”

Redwings currently provides sanctuary to 1200 horses, ponies and donkeys, with a further 500 in Guardian ownership.


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