Body of thin pony “dumped like rubbish”

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The pony was found soaking wet with his legs tied together.
The pony was found soaking wet with his legs tied together.

An urgent investigation has been launched after the discovery of a thin young pony’s body that, in the words of a British animal inspector, was dumped like rubbish.

The British RSPCA described the discovery of the wet, muddy body of the pony in Stourbridge, Worcestershire, over the weekend as disturbing.

The male pony had his legs tied together by rope and had a webbing material looped round his neck that suggested he may have been tethered.

The soaking wet condition of his body suggested he could have died from drowning. However, it is also possible he had collapsed due to his poor condition and fallen into water.

RSPCA Inspector Adrian Langley said: “If the owner of this pony was willing to dump him like rubbish after death, it makes you wonder how the pony was treated when he was alive.

“I cannot say for sure what happened to him but due to his wet condition it would appear he was submerged in water for some time.

“I think he may previously have been tethered and I also think his legs may have been tied together so that his body could be dragged out of the water which he may have died in.

“I am relying on the public’s information to help me with my enquiries and urge anyone who thinks they may know where this pony came from and who owned him to please get in contact with me.”

The pony’s body was found on Saturday,  May 5, near a gateway in Western Road, Hagley, in Worcestershire. Authorities believe the pony’s body was dumped at this location after death some time on Friday, May 4.

The pony was mostly black in colour, with a little white on his back.


Anyone with information is asked to contact the British RSPCA’s 24-hour cruelty line on 0300 1234 999. All calls will be treated in confidence.




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  • May 12, 2012 at 11:02 am

    Poor little pony 🙁 Harsher penalties should be given to those who mistreat and neglect animals.


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