World welcomes its first “Pavlova Western”

A scene from Good For Nothing.
A scene from Good for Nothing.

Spectacular New Zealand scenery features in a recently released movie being dubbed a Pavlova Western.

The western, “Good for Nothing”, has been called a Pavlova Western because the well-known dessert was first baked in New Zealand.

It is described as n adventurous romp shot entirely in New Zealand, with the South Island serving as an impressive stand-in for the sweeping Old West.

Inspired by the “Spaghetti” Westerns, it shows New Zealand in a way it has never been portrayed before.

The R13-rated movie was filmed using New Zealand horses and riders.

Mark Kinaston-Smith, from Alcheringa Horses, was the film’s animal trainer and its lead horse, Red – a liver chestnut quarter horse station-bred sport horse – reportedly stole the show.

The film is on for a limited time nationwide at movie theatres.

“We just debuted in the New Zealand Box Office top 10 this weekend and have received some amazing reviews, with Kate Rodger from 3News giving it four stars and Graeme Tuckett saying. ‘Go and see it, on the biggest screen you can find'” spokesperson Inge Rademeyer said.

Martin Lang and Red on the set.
Martin Lang and Red on the set.

The movie will be released in Australia soon.


The making of Good For Nothing 

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