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1.2.12: European authorities probe new virus

6.1.12: Horse disease reports for third quarter of 2011

8.12.11: Dourine case in southern Italy

28.10.11: Test negative, quarantine lifted at appaloosa champs

27.10.11: Unwell appaloosa disrupts world championship show

21.10.11: Australian horse deal provides certainty – minister

8.10.11: Breakthrough in identifying biting midges

18.9.11: Australia’s horse industry now under federal disease scheme

3.8.11: Major equine flu outbreak in Mongolia

8.7.11: Hendra horrors: what does the future hold?

17.6.11: New provisional import health standard for horses

24.5.11: International network to help in disease fight

19.5.11: Equine Herpesvirus Q&A

17.5.11: Bad Kentucky mozzie season in store, vaccinate now

4.5.11: Germans develop innovative horse blanket

16.4.11: Second New Jersey property quarantined over EHV-1

15.4.11:Cornell equine hospital quarantine lifted

Aust agency works to pinpoint virus in worst cases

5.4.11: Quarantine after case of equine herpesvirus at Cornell

2.4.11: Two distinct diseases in Aust outbreaks

30.3.11: Horse owners must register – Biosecurity Queensland

4.3.11: Aussie disease levy: the deal is done

24.12.10: Mandatory registration for SA horse properties

16.12.10: Fears voiced over horse industry’s input in Britain

5.12.10: Aussie horse industry formally offers levy plan

23.11.10: West Nile threat in northern Europe highlighted

British owners urged to complete survey

4.11.10: Researcher probes growing threat of Q fever

10.10.10: SA horse owners face third biosecurity fee

24.9.10: Has the time come for horse passports? Blog


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