Through the Eyes of the Horse: Carlos Tabernaberri


Through the Eyes of the Horse - Common Ground, Common GoalsAustralian trainer Carlos Tabernaberri is one of a growing breed of horseman promoting sensible horsemanship and co-operation with horses.

Through the Eyes of the Horse
   – Common Ground – Common Goals
by Carlos Tabernaberri
ISBN: 9780980317603
RRP A$39.95
Softcover, 144pp
Available from Amazon
(Excerpt and table of contents available at above link)

He believes there is no such thing as “natural” horsemanship, just “good” horsemanship.

In this book he tells readers to “look for approaches to working with your horse that make sense”. It’s illustrated throughout with colour pictures which complement the text, and it’s written in bite-sized, easy-to-understand chunks for ease of comprehension.

His “concept” is C.C.K.L. = T.O.R. – which stands for Confidence, Consistency, Kindness, and Leadership with your horse to help you gain Trust, Obedience and Respect.

Throughout he gives lots of mini case studies on horses he’s worked with over the years, and looks at particular issues a horse owner may be having. For instance, hard to catch horses, leading, tying up, working with feet, and so on.

Most importantly though, is advice on how horses learn and why they do what they do – and how you can work with them, rather than against them.

Tabernaberri is not into “tricks of the trade”, and there are no special products that need to be bought to follow his concept. The basic tools that he recommends are time, energy, a halter and a lead rope.

There are other items used to help in the desensitisation process – such as a tarp, umbrella, water, streamers and a bag on a stick. This is a really good one – who wants their horse to run from a plastic bag? I’d rather mine wasn’t fazed when a flapping plastic bag whips by in the wind.

As well as lots of help with ground work, Tabernaberri also gives examples and advice on under saddle work, such as flexion, transitions and yielding.

At the very back of the book there are step-by-step instructions on some very handy knots to know.

Overall, an excellent addition to the library of those seeking to have a better relationship with the horse, and those who want to work with their animals in harmony.


Carlos TabernaberriCarlos Tabernaberri is known worldwide for the remarkable results he achieves, whether handling foals, starting young horses, improving the performance of competition and pleasure horses, or rehabilitating abused horses. 

He has been described as the ‘next generation of horsemen’ and the ‘gentlest horseman yet to touch a horse’. He’s also been described as the ‘only horseman who truly puts the horse first’.

At Whispering Acres Ranch Carlos starts and trains horses the gentle way, establishing cooperation through clear communication, understanding and trust. He also provides riding instruction to and conducts regular clinics.

“We believe there are no problems in either the horse or rider, just a lack of communication, understanding and trust. That’s why we use this absolutely gentle approach, whether introducing a horse to the saddle for the first time or correcting an existing behavioural problem. It ensures improved performance and versatility, regardless of your preferred discipline.”

His motto is ‘Help Ever, Hurt Never’.

As Carlos grew up, he watched the “traditional” way of “breaking in” horses, as it is called. Saddened by this approach, he decided he wanted to follow the horse, his master teacher. He became passionate about schooling horses by establishing a sound foundation through understanding and trust, not force. He learned from the horses themselves and, in return, made a moral contract with them to be their tireless advocate and to share this knowledge so that people can learn to handle and train their horses through the eyes of the horse.

Carlos’ absolutely gentle approach of using understanding and pain-free communication, which is based on a philosophy he’s borrowed from the horses themselves, is a far cry from traditional horsemanship techniques and many of the existing ‘natural’ horsemanship methods. Increasing numbers of western, dressage and eventing specialists are seeking to work with him because of the soundness, lightness, responsiveness and collection he helps them achieve with their horses – bitless, of course.

Once exposed to Carlos’ revolutionary approach, whether through his regular sell-out clinics, profiles or magazine articles, horses and people across all equine disciplines are turning to Carlos because he’s able to help them understand how to work with their horse and achieve consistent, positive, ongoing results.

“As a trainer and educator, my focus is on the horses and people with whom I work, and helping them to achieve their full potential.  We shouldn’t be divided by discipline; we should be united by good horsemanship. And good horsemanship is about consistently considering the horse’s wellbeing first and foremost.”

Carlos has the patience and ability to explain complex classical horsemanship concepts in such a way that both human and horse understand and are able to succeed – together. His long-awaited first book and two DVDs in his Through the Eyes of the Horse series, Common Ground Common Goals (2007) and Trust Obedience  Respect (2008) and Understanding  Under saddle (2010) are receiving consistent acclaim worldwide.



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