Memorial service for eventing’s ‘Spillers’ announced


A memorial service for long-standing British Eventing commentator David ‘Spillers’ Spilman is to be held on May 30.

Spilman died recently at the age of 78. The memorial service will be held at the Holy Trinity Church, Churchover, Warwickshire at 3pm.

As well as commentating, Spilman was also organiser of the Great Everden Horse Trials for many years.

Spilman’s voice was very popular at events in the Midlands for many years. His close friend and commentator-sparring partner Henry  Symington remembers him fondly:

“Spillers certainly did not suffer fools gladly, but once you earned his respect; he was generous to a fault and had a heart of gold.

“I count myself very fortunate to have worked with him all those years and even more privileged to have been able to call him a friend – I, and the thousands of people he talked round cross country, will miss him, and that wonderful voice of his, very much.”

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