Horse-hair mattresses a touch of luxury

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Horse Hair Cotton Latex Wool Mattress
Horse Hair Cotton Latex Wool Mattress

Horses can tire you out during the day. Now, they can help you sleep at night.

The answer is a horse-hair mattress, being made by a New Jersey firm, Orange Mattress – Custom Bedding.

The company says its luxurious horse hair mattress is the answer for the best night’s sleep.

They can last for years and are hand-crafted.

The mattresses are not the latest innovation. In fact, the firm says it has been making them for more than 100 years.

“Average mattresses need to be replaced after 5 to 10 years for various reasons,” a company spokesman said.

“They may get filled with mites and other unpleasant elements which can accumulate.

Mattress Natural Cotton and horse hair
Natural cotton and horse hair mattress.

“Horse hair mattresses are one of the only types of mattresses that never decay and they actually repel mites. They are completely hypoallergenic. Horse hair is even healthy as a pillow.”

Horse hair is one of the few natural materials that is comfortable to sleep on and does not absorb any water, the company says.

“When you have enough curled horse hair in a pile with springs and surrounded by breathable fabric, it creates a springy cloud that allows air and moisture to move right through it.

“It allows you to sleep continuously without being disturbed by your body’s normal temperature changes and perspiration.

“Most people perspire an amount equal to a few glasses of water every night. A horse hair mattress will wick the moisture away from the bed, whereas a typical foam bed or foam/spring combination will absorb it like a sponge.

Horse hair pillows are also available.
Horse hair pillows are hand-made to a buyer's specified firmness level. Each pillow is covered in the old fashioned stripe ticking which is horse hair proof. They retail for $US329.

“As far as comfort goes, it is totally different experience from your typical quilted foam spring mattress. It is sturdy while having loft and resilience.

“While it can be the best [choice of] mattress, we encourage trying out each mattress in order to decide which variety is best for each individual experience.”

Custom Bedding even makes horse hair pillows and bed toppers.

The company has been producing handcrafted horse-hair mattresses for over 100 years, using tools much the same as those used by past generations.

The company’s most popular mattress, the Round Cotton, Horse Hair, Latex and Wool Innerspring mattress, comes in all sizes and retails for $US6500.  The Round Bed cotton horse hair model is $US3900.

The company says its horse hair mattress topper is “the Rolls-Royce” of toppers. They sell for $US1499.


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