Farewell to Quest: “He touched us all”

Little Quest lost his battle for survival over Easter
Little Quest lost his battle for survival over Easter.

Little Quest had a huge personality that was no match for his frail and emaciated body. In the end his character and determination was not enough to overcome the neglect he had endured.

The Horse Trust, in  Buckinghamshire, England, said Quest lost his fight for survival on Easter Sunday.

Staff are said to be devastated.

The 18-month-old 12-hand bay gelding had arrived shockingly emaciated, crawling with lice and barely able to stand.

His condition was so bad that, despite around-the-clock care by staff and Quest’s own determination to beat the odds, the truly extreme neglect he had endured proved too much in the end.

The trust said his little body had simply been too damaged by starvation and it was agreed, in consultation with the charity’s vet, that it was no longer right to keep fighting and that he should be quietly put to sleep to prevent him suffering further.

Quest had been rescued by the British RSPCA from a field in Bedfordshire.

The trust has now set up a fund in his honour.

“In the short time he was with us, his loving nature and big personality won everyone’s heart,” trust chief executive Jeanette Allen said.

“We did everything we could to save him but he was in worse condition than many of the Spindles Farm survivors and the internal damage this had caused was simply too great for him to survive.

“It was an immensely sad time for us as the little fighter was still showing his spirit right at the end, munching Polos and nuzzling for cuddles, but his body was failing fast and there was no hope of recovery.

“Everyone here will miss him hugely,” Allen said. “He touched us all.”

The trust said it had been overwhelmed by the support from the public for little Quest, with people from all over the world following his fight for survival and willing him well.

In response to the suggestions of supporters moved to help, they have set up the “Quest Memorial Appeal Fund” in his memory to raise money to help care for other horses, ponies and donkeys in desperate need of the charity’s care.

“We are asking the public to remember this little fighter, thrown out to die, but loved and cared for at the end, by giving to the Quest Memorial Appeal.  He inspired us all and his fund will help others like him.” Allen said.


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To donate, visit this link or telephone 01494 488464.





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