Jail for suffocation of 25 ponies in back of truck

An Australian man responsible for the deaths of 25 ponies in an inadequately ventilated truck in New South Wales will spend at least six months in jail.

Pottsville man Shane Jason Dean admitted 25 counts of aggravated animal cruelty charges when he appeared in Glen Innes Local Court in mid-February. Yesterday, Magistrate Mark Richardson sentenced Dean to two years in jail, with a non-parole period of six months.

The bodies of the ponies were found dumped off a roadside near Glen Innes, in northern New South Wales, in mid-December.

Dean, 39, had hired a nine-tonne truck to move the ponies about 440 kilometres from Kingstown District, in the New England area, to Pottsville.

After about 100 kilometres he stopped to check the animals and found them either dead or dying from a lack of ventilation.

He pulled the 25 corpses from the truck, dumping them off the New England Highway at a truck stop near Glen Innes, about three kilometres south of Old Ben Lomond Road.

The bodies of some of the ponies were found over a nearby cliff.

Police were initially told about the dead ponies early in the afternoon of December 16, and found the remains after a check of the area.

There were no brands, tags or any other form of identifying marks that could be seen to assist the officers in locating an owner, police said at the time.

Police photographed the animals, which were then buried at the location.

Following inquiries by New England detectives, police arrested Dean after interviewing him at his home on December 22.





One thought on “Jail for suffocation of 25 ponies in back of truck

  • April 12, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    Good sentence for a grissly deed that could have been avoided.What suffering these poor ponies would have gone through before a horrific death.Police did a great job in tracking down this mongrel. But it would have been easier if all horses were branded or had ID recorded in some way. We compulsary have to ear tag or brand sheep/cattle other farm animals .Why not bloody horses???


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