Equine biosecurity course available online


Beat the BugsEquine Guelph is launching its first-ever online session on equine biosecurity this month for horse owners and caregivers.

Over a two-week period, from April 16 to 29,  owners will learn how to protect their horses from infectious diseases, identify risks of infectious disease in barns, apply practical ways to reduce the risks of disease, and reduce the chances of sickness in horses.

The course will cost $C75 + HST (harmonised sales tax).

Equine Guelph is an online equine learning community and is part of the University of Guelph in Ontario.

Its online program has attracted over 1000 students from all around the world, including every province in Canada, the United States, France, United Arab Emirates, Korea, Egypt, Australia, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Israel, Colombia, India and South Africa.

Course organisers say the new two-week format is delivering what the equine industry has been asking for – a short course with practical advice based on horse owners’ needs.

“Attendees of this online course will get a detailed explanation of the various aspects of infection control and have an opportunity to discuss the topic with industry experts,” says Dr. Josie Traub-Gargatz, professor at Colorado State University.

“Infection control is an important part of caring for your horses. Assessing your current control plan in an objective way through use of the biosecurity calculator, which is part of the course, can help you identify strengths in your control plan.

“It can also help you determine if there are areas you may want to discuss further with your veterinarian based on identified low scores.”

Equine Guelph’s “Beat the Bugs with Biosecurity,” program promotes biosecurity throughout all sectors of the horse industry. It is funded through the Agricultural Biosecurity Program, part of a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

“Beat the Bugs” has been developed by Equine Guelph with the help of its 12 industry partners, American Association of Equine Practitioners Foundation, Central Ontario Standardbred Association, Colorado State University, Grand River Agricultural Society, Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association, Ontario Association of Equine Practitioners, Ontario Equestrian Federation, Ontario Harness Horse Association, Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association, Ontario Veterinary College, Standardbred Canada, Vétoquinol Canada Inc. and Woodbine Entertainment Group.


Visit www.equineguelph.ca/biosecurity_esessions.php for course details.





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