Irish western rider wins €5.7m in Lotto

Guistina Macari
Guistina Macari

Irish western riding and reining enthusiast Guistina Macari won €5.7 million on the Irish Lotto this week.

Macari is a prominent member of Horse Sport Ireland’s reining and Western riding section, and regularly gives barrel racing displays on her horse Ringo Starr.

The Kildare-based equestrian said “I absolutely love horses so I will definitely use the money to pursue my passion.”

Giustina, who works in her family’s fish and chip shops in Kildare, and who won half of Ireland’s biggest rollover jackpot this year, competed in barrel racing at Haras Raphaela, Brazil last month.

Guistina at a recent Horse Sport Ireland barrel racing demonstration with her horse Ringo Starr. © Laurence Dunne

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