Paso Fino nationals for Kentucky this year


Brio Heads to the Bluegrass for the 40th Anniversary Paso Fino Grand National ShowKentucky will host the Paso Fino Grand National Championship Show later this year when “Brio in the Bluegrass”  is run at the Kentucky Horse Park.

Brio is a Spanish word referring to the energy and lively spirit displayed in this breed. The public is welcome to come and participate in the “Ride a Paso Fino” program to experience this vitality and the naturally smooth gait for which the Paso Fino is known.

“Brio in the Bluegrass” is expected to attract 550 horses and 1500 enthusiasts to Lexington for theweeklong event from October 7 to 13.

“We are honored that the Paso Fino Horse Association has selected the Kentucky Horse Park to host their Grand National in 2012, which will be a wonderful asset to our park and the surrounding communities,” said John Nicholson, Executive Director of the Kentucky Horse Park.

“It will also be an exciting introduction for Kentuckians who will quickly be dazzled and enamored by this very old and elegant Spanish breed. Their beauty and brilliant style will win countless hearts, and many local businesses will benefit from the Paso Fino Grand National moving to our state.”

Audiences can view these remarkable horses competing all seven days of the event. Traditional lead line and under saddle classes will be complemented by several recreational competitions, speed events, and exhibitions. Spectators can watch the Classic Fino type horses display their quick-stepping gait and cheer with the crowd as they move down the sounding board. They can also see the 2nd Annual Paso Fino Cowboy Mounted Shooting Competition – one of the fastest growing equine sports in the nation. Also included will be Paso Fino Horse Soccer, a growing interest among equestrians for both competitive and rehabilitative purposes. Paso Finos will also barrel race and pole bend, showing off their agility and speed.

The Paso Fino horse is a gaited breed that is gaining popularity in the US due to its sweet temperaments in-hand and spirited nature under saddle – not to mention the smoothest ride in the world. Horses range in size from 13 to 15 hands and have the versatility required for any number of disciplines. Their size, smooth gait, and sweet demeanors also make them the choice mount for those with back injuries or limited mobility. Paso Finos come in every equine color, with long manes and tails. They naturally prefer their unique, smooth gait, but can also walk, canter, and even gallop like non-gaited breeds.

The Paso Fino Grand National Show is making its home at the Kentucky Horse Park for the next four years.

“Our partnership with the Kentucky Horse Park is great,” said Paso Fino Horse Association Executive Director, Don Vizi.

“There is no finer facility for our Grand National Show. I’m excited to show Kentucky our fabulous breed, and I’m excited to bring our members to the Horse Capital of the World. I can’t say enough about the support we’ve received from the Horse Park and I firmly believe that this will be our best show yet,” Vizi said.

“We invite the entire community out to our show. We’ll have several exciting events going on and vendors to meet your every need. Come out and ride a Paso Fino – it will be an experience you will never forget.”

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